My boyfriend is in a psych ward. Living in a Mental Hospital: Your Stories

Wilton What a Psychiatric Ward Is Really Like Behind Closed Doors
  • Lamont I was still a minor, so I had the benefit of boarding with the youth in the juvenile behavioral unit in the local hospital.
Leonardo Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization
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Silas Voluntarily Checking Myself In to a Psychiatric Hospital
  • Jarrett All opinions expressed herein are exclusively those of the author alone, and do not reflect the views of the editorial staff or management of Psych Central. Worst part was getting the torn up thing off my snake.
  • Merlin I went to the local police station, identified myself, pulled out the legal commitment paper I had completed, and asked the police to accompany me to his apartment. How can I avoid sensory overload? I usually have an impulse to share that memory with my dinner companions, but I suppress the impulse.
Cole 13 Gifts to Give a Friend Who’s in the Psychiatric Hospital
  • Ezra So I guess I appreciated the solidarity I felt with him over our hatred of the movie. And given that 90% of people with serious psychiatric diagnoses are trauma survivors, and that what's most important to healing from trauma is regaining control over one's life and one's body, it's obvious that involuntary treatment re-traumatizes people who are already in distress.
Brice Psychiatric Hospitalization: What I Wish I Knew Before Admitting Myself
  • Ollie She was so suicidal and distraught that she was biting chunks out of her own shoulder. You can also call a helpline for advice and help: - Natasha Tracy So how do you feel about privacy laws being changed in wards? No privacy because I had to have eyes on me at all times due to the nature of my visit.
Edwin My Week in the Psych Ward
  • Phillip When I woke up in the morning I felt disoriented and unsure of where I was.
Brent My boyfriend threatened to put me in a psych ward : selfharm
  • Denny Losses, to me, were one of the hardest things to tolerate.
  • Ronald Mental hospitals, or psychiatric wards which is, technically, where I was , are all different.
Les What It's Like Being In A Psych Ward (As Written By Someone Who's Been Committed)
  • Ben It can be accomplished with something as simple as a cloth mask. When I had to come in for the night and went into my room, I noticed that John wasn't in bed, and the bathroom door was locked.
Chris My boyfriend threatened to put me in a psych ward : selfharm
  • Daniel Personally I found it very humiliating to return to the same hospital a second and then a third time—both after an overdose of pills—and for prolonged stays. I recommend visiting the for more information on laws concerning admission and release.
  • Martin My best friend saved my life after I overdosed and it took time, but now I'm incredibly grateful that because of her, I got a second chance. Her messages are clear, consistent, and somehow simultaneously sobering and soothing.
Carol What It's Like Being In A Psych Ward (As Written By Someone Who's Been Committed)
  • Melissa I hated locking my purse and coat and cell phone in the waiting area. I would encourage you to seek professional help when deciphering whether or not you should be admitted to a psychiatric unit.
  • Ruben You have you bag checked before you step foot and they snatched my necklaces and phone litteraly from me and sayed we dont tollerate teens going do i need to call my friend to bust me out? I screamed, which caused the nurses to come rushing in and restrain him.
Weldon How it feels to be sectioned for your mental health
  • Nancy It cost a lot of money to stay there. A butt-naked little old lady tried to corner me while swinging a commode at me.
Connie My boyfriend threatened to put me in a psych ward : selfharm
  • Tracy A couple yrs ago I started having anxiety when I was driving.
  • Bart That may explain why civilization is plagued by so many problems today, just a guess tho.