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Johnnie Safe Haven (film)
  • Julio Overall , if you are longing for some good romantic flick, Safe Haven is the place for you.
Wilburn Safe Haven
  • Mariano You will see this when she turns to see the bus is leaving.
Lanny Safe Haven
  • Bruno Safe haven has, of course, an interesting plot.
  • Earle Do you think you would enjoy this book? Life is unpredictable and then life will turn upside down when you meet you the right person and will feel like staying in safe haven with the person closest to you.
Phillip Safe Haven (2013)
  • Don Retrieved on 29 November 2014. On January 6, 2015, Sparks announced that he and Cathy had amicably separated.
Marshall See the North Carolina Sites Where 'Safe Haven' Filmed
  • Francisco Meanwhile, Kevin is suspended for creating the wanted posters for crimes that weren't committed, whereupon it is revealed that he is Katie's Erin's abusive and alcoholic husband, still very much alive and well.
  • Vance She fled from his abuse because she knew he would kill her if he located her.
Jerrold Nicholas Sparks
  • Stewart It was there that he wrote another novel in his spare time,. After getting a job as a waitress, and renting a small house on the edge of town, Katie befriends her neighbor, Jo.
Brice Safe Haven Trailer 2013 Movie Nicholas Sparks
  • Reynaldo By the time Sparks was eight, he had lived in ; ; and his mother's hometown of for a year, during which his parents were.
  • Charles And that maybe, just maybe, it would be possible for her to experience similar days in the future. The production shot in and during the summer of 2012.
Avery Book Review: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
  • Rob The film is directed by Oscar®-nominated Lasse Hallström, based on the best selling novel by Nicholas Sparks from a screenplay by Dana Stevens and Gage Lansky and also stars Cobie Smulders The Avengers and David Lyons J.
Stewart See the North Carolina Sites Where 'Safe Haven' Filmed
  • Manuel She meets a widower Josh and falls in love with him.
  • Jamel The family remained there through Sparks' high school days, and in 1984, he graduated as the of.
Nathan Safe Haven (film)
  • Mitchell The letters were prepared ahead of time for memorable events such as Josh's eighteenth birthday and Lexie's wedding day. A widowed store owner of Southport, Alex, who becomes her romantic interest.
Travis Safe Haven Trailer 2013 Movie Nicholas Sparks
  • Drew After college, Sparks sought both work with publishers, and applied to law school, but was rejected in both attempts.