Regeln phase 10 junior. Phase 10 Card Game Rules

Ray How to Play: Phase 10
  • Guillermo At the end of their turn, they must discard a single card. The person to the dealer's left goes first and can take the face-up card or take the top card from the draw pile.
Margaret How to Play: Phase 10
  • Marcus Chocia¿ gram bardzo czêsto w 10 faz to po kartach w ogóle nie widaæ zniszczenia.
Anthony Phase 10 Kartenspiel
  • Branden Faza 2 - trzy takie same karty i 4 karty po kolei.
  • Pedro Im wiêcej osób, tym wiêksze wyzwanie i wiêksza dawka emocji.
Faustino Phase Ten Card Game Instructions
  • Henry Opinia: Dla mnie bardzo fajna gra.
  • Jacob Gra jest niemal¿e niezale¿na jêzykowo. If a player uses a Skip as his last card, he must draw a replacement card.
Willie How to Play: Phase 10
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Lindsey Phase 10 Kartenspiel (Ravensburger)
  • Leonardo Wird von Google Analytics zur Berechnung der Dauer eines Website-Besuchs verwendet. Otherwise play continues around the board as normal.
Tom Alle UNO Produktkategorien
  • Elliott If a player can make the current phase with cards in her hand, she lays the phase face up on the table.
  • James The dealer rotates clockwise by one, shuffles all the cards and deals out 10 new cards for the next round. Turn the top card of the deck over, and place it beside the draw pile to form the discard pile.
Dave Phase 10 Card Game Rules
  • Marshall A player gets credit for the phase as soon as it is laid down. Once a player has completed the phase, he must discard all cards in his hand by playing them on other laid down phases.
Quincy Phase 10 Kartenspiel
  • Joan Players who completed their phase move on to the next phase. Producent gry 10 Faz informuje i¿ gra ta nadajê siê od 2 do 6 graczy.
Karen 5 Ways to Play Phase 10
  • Jeremiah Opis: Gra polega na zbieraniu konkretnych uk³adów kart np.
  • Katherine The rest of the players score points points are bad. For example, if a player is on Phase 1 and has a set of three and a set of four, he can lay both down even though he only needs two sets of three.
Jonathon Phase 10 Card Game Rules
  • Marcel Points only come into play if two or more players completing phase 10 in the same hand.
Emanuel 5 Ways to Play Phase 10
  • Bruno You complete a phase by meeting its requirements. Wild cards can be used as any color or number.