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  • Tod They tend to be single-parents working through failed relationships not unlike their colleagues in Swedish crime series , they have crooked teeth and bulging bellies and an embarrassingly awkward gait when chasing after speedy suspects on foot. The pressing relevance of the issues at hand spurns the discussion on Twitter and in Tatort pubs.
  • Forest Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: even presumably quiet noises from the audience are clearly audible in the entire hall.
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  • Alfred Please note that late seating is not guaranteed and latecomers may not be admitted to the concert hall.
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  • Porfirio At the top, on the 6th floor, a panorama window offers a spectacular view down the river Elbe towards the harbour and docks. Arrival By Car There is limited parking available in the Elbphilharmonie and the HafenCity.
  • Fernando It's a melody that practically everyone - even those who don't necessarily watch religiously each week - can hum along to. Free public toilets are located on the western tip of the Plaza, adjacent to the Elbphilharmonie Shop, and are accessible via stairs.
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  • Sheldon Tereza as Nicole Mercedes Müller.
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  • Louis You can hear every note, even from the highest balcony. Which investigation team chased a suspect in the underground from the station Baumwall? Herrliches Sommerwetter und kleinste Gruppe - kleiner ging es wirklich nicht.
  • Ruben The Elbphilharmonie is a special building situated in a special place. Example: Schweiger is famous for having somewhat of a nasal voice and for mumbling.
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  • Isaac Children under the age of three do not require a ticket.
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  • Steven Tschiller doesn't just investigate in Hamburg - he heads to Moscow and Istanbul and is constantly involved in shootouts reminiscent of James Bond.
  • Cesar Each regional station have their own police team depicted in their region. Continue to the Town Hall, which had a role as supporting act in many Tatort films, but which is most famous for the dramatic scene with Cenk Batu.
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  • Tyler Visitors to the Kaistudios and all other visitors require a Plaza ticket to visit the Plaza.
  • Dean If you have purchased group tickets 7+ people for a Plaza visit or if you have any other questions about Plaza tickets, please contact us by email on: A Public Space for Hamburg The public viewing platform situated at the junction of the old harbour warehouse and the modern glass structure above it is a magnet for visitors.
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  • Dane Plaza-Schließung The Plaza viewing platform is closed until at least 24 May due to the current situation. Lina Romina Penkalla , daughter of Tommis' new girlfriend Anna, commissar Ehrlicher Peter Sodann spends a happy afternoon in the swimming pool.
  • Antony Der Sonntagabend wird in der PonyBar zum Kultabend: Noch fix an der Bar Bier oder Wein geordert und ab geht es zum Tatort-Gucken ins Hinterzimmer, das mehr Kino als Besenschrank ist.
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  • Lionel Ob hausgekochte Suppen, leckerer Flammkuchen oder ein herzhafter Käseteller - hier ist für jeden etwas dabei! The Kaistudios are located on floors 2 and 3 and can be reached using stairs and lifts via the main entrance. Ticketholders for concerts in the Elbphilharmonie Grand and Recital Halls gain admission to the Plaza from two hours before the start of the event.
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  • Samuel Three parking spaces for visitors with disabilities are located at the entrance on Gorch-Fock-Wall.
  • Basil The bad guy had a great presence on screen - he seemed to be the perfect bad guy incorporating intelligence and physical strength. Information about the movie: Original Title: Tatort Fernsehreihe Country, Channel: West Germany, Austria Release Date: 1970 ep413 14.
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  • Nigel Sich den Tatort anzuschauen, macht Spaß — am besten nicht allein. Lieber Anbieter, das angepriesene Motto deiner Tour solltest du trotzdem überdenken.
  • Darren Lost items can also be retrieved here.