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James LEWIS D'ANTONI Obituary
  • Sheldon Lewis organized Little League and Babe Ruth in Mullens, the basketball summer leagues, and introduced marble tournaments in the area that produced a national champion. In his first press conference, D'Antoni predicted that the Lakers, then 3—5 and ranked 20th in scoring with 96.
  • Lucien He replaced , who was fired as head coach after a 1—4 start to the.
Xavier Dan D’Antoni, Marshall working on contract extension
  • Monroe He was also an assistant for the in. Calling it a permanent move, D'Antoni benched forward in mid-January and started to form the faster and smaller lineup the coach preferred.
Emanuel LEWIS D'ANTONI Obituary
  • Alton In 2001, D'Antoni returned to Italy for a second stint, as the coach of Benetton Treviso.
  • Joseph In 2003, he replaced Johnson with 61 games left in the season as the Suns' head coach and, despite the team's failure to improve in the second half of the season, received a vote of confidence for producing inspired play from the injury-riddled team. He also founded the , one of the most prestigious high school basketball tournaments in the country during his tenure.
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  • Floyd D'Antoni was named Western Conference Coach of the Month after the Lakers went 7—1 in April. D'Antoni coached his first 17 games without Nash, who was recovering from a broken leg.
  • Les He believed that sports, structured correctly, provide young people the right venue to develop into strong and productive members of society. D'Antoni was glad to be back with Nash, noting his unsuccessful stint with the Knicks without him.
Andrea LEWIS D'ANTONI Obituary
  • Pamela He is fluent in English and Italian. Lewis retired in 1982, having coached in Mullens, West Virginia, and Chesapeake, Ohio.
Elliott Entrevista d'Antoni Bassas a Toni Cruanyes
  • Lamont You have to know how to bet, know the odds, and have a feel for everything.
  • Foster We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article. Marshall endured its own immeasurable nightmare.
Stephen Dan D'Antoni
  • Carlton D'Antoni resigned as coach on March 14, 2012, and assistant coach filled his vacancy as the head coach. Nash was experienced in the style from his previous stints with the and the Suns.
Christopher Tragedy had effect on Suns assistant D’Antoni
  • Ricky On April 30, 2014, D'Antoni resigned as coach of the Lakers after the team declined to pick up their option for him to coach in 2015—16. Everything I was familiar with … it was all gone, he said.
  • Wallace Which is why Marshall never stops shooting. And Dan needed to — to be so young and to lose so much.
Eliseo The D’Antoni Basketball Revolution Goes To College
  • Rosario Our offense gives them a freedom to play the game and use their own smarts to create good shots. That area lost 20 to 30 years of growth on that awful day.
  • Elton Any team that can drop 68 points in 20 minutes should win the game, but the final score was 112-106 in favor of Pittsburgh. He was hired by the Lakers seven games into the 2012—13 season.
Jayson Dan D'Antoni
  • Dino D'Antoni was reunited with Nash, who was traded to the Lakers before the season.
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  • Jonathon He had that self-doubt and needed to stay at a place where he was secure. On May 7, 2017, D'Antoni and were announced as co-recipients of the inaugural Coach of the Year Award.
  • Nestor His father, Lewis, was a high school basketball coach in and , and was inducted into West Virginia's Sports Hall of Fame in May 2004.