What do used panties smell like. What do dirty panties smell like

Kip Do girls like the thought of guys smelling their panties?
  • Arthur I'm not exactly proud of it, but I'm certainly not ashamed. He is attracted to scent of your body.
Carl Ever Sniff Used Panties? (srs)
  • Ali My cousin used to leave her panties in the bathroom after taking a shower, sometimes in the hamper and sometimes on the floor. Scents are very powerful, and pheromones are hormones.
  • Leroy I think the peppery scent is present when certain food or drink is consumed.
Paul Meet the Guys Obsessed With the Smell of Vagina
  • Galen As other woman had posted they know when there panties have been played with. This is for the more refined panty sniffer.
  • Harvey For more information and to be alerted to future educational sessions, drop us a line at Panty Zoo. There are a lot of terrifying implications in play here, not the least of which is the fact that me selling my old middle school underpants might have prevented a crime.
Jared what do used panties of a hot woman smell like?
  • Vince After they receive their purchase, they can post onto the forum with a review of my dirty laundry, and I can review the buyer.
  • Samuel Perhaps try to make him talk about it.
Boris Is it normal to sniff womens underwear
  • Johnie Your vagina might smell not good for you but part of the smell is made especially to turn men on when they smell it. But did you know that underwear fibers have remnants of feces eww and that's what your putting your face into dirty girl lol! It's also given a small, creative, and very open-minded cadre of women an opportunity to make a decent living while significantly reducing their laundry bill.
  • Logan Girl needs toned tanned legs to get me going but I'm not limited to just that.
Chester what do used panties smell like? : AskReddit
  • Wm Your face and name aren't necessary. And she would get wet and horny.
Brock what do used panties smell like? : AskReddit
  • Denny But then again, I'm just taken a guys word for that.
  • Melvin Not because it's creepy, mind you, but.
Dominic What do dirty panties smell like
  • Ulysses The nice thing about this, uh, business is that you build up a stable of dedicated clients rather quickly. I'm not sure why it upsets you so much.
  • Mervin You've probably heard that Japan used to have vending machines that sold pre-worn panties. If someone wants me to pay me to wear panties for 48 hours straight, I wear those sons of bitches for 48 hours straight.
Mike Ever Sniff Used Panties? (srs)
  • Dominic So no, I don't think it's unnatural at all. A lot of men like to do this, its the extra pheromones females give off, especially when they are sexually excited.